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While most employees are aware of how hackers leverage email as a phishing vehicle, most are not aware of the even trickier malware-free schemes being used. Join Atif Mushtaq, CEO of SlashNext and former threat researcher at FireEye, as he explains these five innovative ways employees are being tricked into taking action that leads to malicious activity on the Internet:

  1. Technical support scam
  2. Rogue browser extensions
  3. Fake security software
  4. Credential stealing
  5. Free prize scams

Webcast: Five modern phishing schemes

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This session will be of value to general IT and security practitioners who want to help employees understand new ways they are being targeted. Atif will also talk briefly about cognitive computing, and how active reconnaissance, natural language analysis, visual inspections and object recognition, as well as other types of categorization and analysis techniques are being used to isolate malicious cyber attacks.

Atif Mushtaq

Atif Mushtaq, Founder and CEO

Before founding SlashNext, Atif spent nine years at FireEye as a senior scientist, where he was one of the main architects of FireEye’s core malware detection technology. He has spent most of his career on the front lines of the war against cybercrime. He has worked with law enforcement and other global organizations to take down some of the world’s biggest malware networks including Rustock, Srizbi, Pushdo and Grum botnets.