The New Threat Landscape with Phishing Attacks on the Web

Phishing Attacks Spread to Ads, Search, Social Media, Pop-Ups, Browser Extensions, and Apps

Cybercriminals’ tactics are changing. With companies using more sophisticated security defenses such as SEGs, SWGs, NextGen AV and firewalls, Advanced Endpoint Protection, and more, hackers are going after the human attack surface with phishing and social engineering attacks. These attacks evade existing defenses by design and target employees from a growing number of attack vectors, both inside email and increasingly beyond email.

Phishing & Social Engineering

Today’s phishing and social engineering attacks move faster than ever. Most threats last only a few hours and attacks can reach employees anywhere they can access a link. SlashNext real-time anti-phishing solutions enable security teams to better understand and protect their organizations against previously unknown zero-hour threats.

The Phishing Threat Landscape is Changing

This report explores how web-based phishing attacks trick victims with:
- Malicious browser extensions
- Credential stealing
- Technical Support Scams
- Rogue Software
- Gift and Prize Scams


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